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Hi :) My name is Melissa Lisette, and I am an Intuitive Spiritual Herbalist, Elemental Essence practitioner and an Akashic Record Reader and Teacher, utilizing all of these to assist in expanding consciousness and reconnecting people to the earth in order to RE-activate ancient wisdom. I have over 20 years of experience holding sacred space. I am a culmination of all of my ancestors, guides, teachers, life initiations, iterations and study. My practice is informed by the respect and reverence of these teachers and the journey through my ancestral lineages. The expansion of emotional capacity to see beyond separation, individual empowerment rooted in TRUTH, releasing cycles of violence and trauma, and inviting us all to reignite our relationship between nature & self in order to create space and possibilities for the new world is the purpose behind my work. 

I began my formal studies of Reiki Level 1 through Mastery with James Weeden, and was certified in Karuna Reiki by Geordie Numata of Deer Spirit Reiki. I was blessed to begin my exploration of herbalism in the Ecuadorian Amazon within the Kichwa community, completed further study with Tammi Sweet and Kris Miller of Heartstone Herbals, Jacoby Ballard at Third Root Clinic, and completed my apprenticeship in Spiritual Herbalism with Karen Rose of Sacred Vibes Apothecary, where for 5 years I had the privilege of managing, serving, providing consultations, and holding sacred space for thousands of folks. During this time I became a certified Flower and Gem Essence Practitioner with Joanne Ameya Cohen and completed the core Craniosacral trainings with the Upledger Institute. I have received the Divine Womb training in the lineage of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba and Sri Kaleshwar under Jacqueline Rolandelli of Our Feminine Legacy and was initiated into The Five Elements Process. I have completed training in ITFL with Love & Kindness Wellness Services. I obtained my Masters in International Affairs and Sustainability at The New School in nyc, a BA in Social Welfare in co, and was also a yoga teacher many moons ago. I am a Certified trauma informed Akashic Record Master Consultant and Teacher in the Soul Journeys Method with Jennifer Longmore of Soul Journeys. 



I am descended from the Taino peoples of Borikén, and the Spanish colonizers who brutalized them and stole their land, the Romani people from Bohemia who fled genocide during the second world war, Appalachia Hill folk who made their home on Shawandasse Tula (Shawanwaki/Shawnee) Tsalaguwetiyi (Cherokee, East) hunting grounds, Portuguese merchants who traded in humans, as well as the peoples from (NKA) Cameroon, Congo and the Western Bantu who were stolen and enslaved by them, Nordic nobility, the Scot-Irish, Druid alchemists, Rhineland sailors, a far-away Star, the Fae and probably a Tree.

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