Affiliate Programs

Here I feature recommended programs and practitioners I hold in high regard. I am very intentional about who I work with, and I do not recommend anything/anyone I have not completed myself.


I recently joined the Embodied Wealth Academy with my mentor, Jennifer Longmore, and thought this could be of service to you because it’s a fun mix of energy activations, wisdom teachings, practical guidance and more to allow in more money with ease.

The Embodied Wealth Academy is your missing link to go from knowing how to make money to being SO embodied in your wealth consciousness that money comes to YOU!

Here’s what you will receive during the 6 month group experience:

  • 26 high vibe weekly group money activations, trainings and money clearings to listen to at your own convenience and on repeat if you choose ($8000 value)

  • 13 Bi-weekly LIVE group laser coaching/Q and A for even more money breakthroughs and upgrades ($2500 value)

  • 1 group sacred initiation and orientation call ($500 value)

  • private membership forum to receive ecoaching & to network with other incredible members

After this 6 month group immersion, if you participate and listen to all of the calls, you can expect to:

  • be way more magnetic with money

  • see opportunities you wouldn’t have seen before and receive them

  • receive massive upgrades in all areas to be more aligned with your new wealth consciousness

  • enjoy more flow and ease

  • be able to look money in the eyes

  • be way more comfortable and confidant with holding and expanding money

​As a cherished member of Jennifer’s community, I get to extend my VIP rate to you which means a $1000 savings when you use the first name of your referrer (me) as your coupon code at the checkout - just click here to apply it. 

Once you register, you'll receive exclusive access to a private member portal with all your course details, access to the private forum and more.