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Wellness Services

I offer support around spiritual self care and emotional expansion. When we carry traumas in our tissues, we can block our ability to fill with new thoughts, desires, and creations, and then wonder why we're not able to bring forward what we want. We can accumulate even more from our environment, feeling the very physical effects of an oppressive system. We begin to respond to all of life from this pain (i.e. separation), causing more and more depletion and suffering to ourselves. How can we remain in a place of listening and compassion, especially with ourselves, when in constant pain?

In our work together, you will receive the tools that I have utilized in my own journey to expand into your full emotional expression, strengthen your spiritual practice, and embody your TRUE self. We collaborate with plant and flower medicine to provide you with practices to delve deeper, to make choices firmly rooted in the TRUTH of who you are.  

I want you to experience life in your fullest freest expression of all that is the gift of you, creating and receiving all the rejuvenation, joy and fulfilment you desire and deserve. You chose this life on purpose, I want to see you in love with it.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Akashic Record Readings

Ready to take a deeper dive into your soul level truth? The Akashic Records are an etheric level library that stores all of your actions, from all times, and all lives. Get clear on your purpose while removing any old paradigm imprinting that keeps you feeling stuck and anxious.

What are Gemstone Essences?

Gem essences are liquid preparations made with sun, springwater, brandy, permission and a specific gemstone. This preparation preserves the healing vibration of the stone, which when taken internally assists in integrating etheric earth wisdom into the physical body. They help address recurring physical issues at their root; that thing you've dealt with your whole life that doesn't seem to go away, because they are uncovering and healing the source at a molecular level. When going through a gemstone session, we go far beyond the physical - including looking at ancestral, karmic, contract and past life sources. 


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