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Would you like to become Certified to read
      The Akashic Records?

What are The Akashic Records?

The records are a library of your soul - every thing, event, and life that you have experienced, since the time you took form, is stored here. It is not limited by space-time. They exist at the highest frequency - TRUTH and LOVE. Here is where you will find soul-level answers to your most burning questions, guidance and clarity within your life, relationships and career, and generational healing on a cellular level. This is the place where we can clear out any existing programming, interference and distraction preventing you from living in your highest aligned timeline. And best of all, you come back to your very essence - why you came here in this body, at this time. The more you explore here, the more you can discover; the more you open up to truth, the more you can create the shifts you want to see in your life.    

Hi There! 

Ready for something monumentally life-changing? 

Throughout my own healing journey, it was not until I studied in the Akasha that I truly felt like I had come home to ME, my TRUE BEING, my ESSENCE. 

When I came across Jennifer Longmore’s Akashic Record program, all of a sudden I came home to myself - what it REALLY felt like to be present in my body, to know how to honor this beautiful vessel I arrived here in, to be in the truth of my power and the power of my truth. This provided me with answers that had eluded me for years, and continues to support my human evolution.

We have the power to change our narratives. We are abundant with possibility, and it is in our power to create harmony within ourselves and in the world.

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This online certification consists of 3 Levels


Level One

TBD 2024

9am - 4pm PST/ 12pm-7pm EST

Learn how and where you've been holding yourself back; receive guidance and clarity on your purpose; clear and release conditioning, programming and generational traumas on a cellular level.

No prerequistes required


Level Two

TBD 2024

9am - 4pm PST/ 12pm-7pm EST

Dive into even deeper levels of healing for yourself. Learn how to open and read the Records for others, guiding them through their own healing.




Prerequisite: Level 1


Level Three

TBD 2024

9am - 4pm PST/ 12pm-7pm EST

Learn more advanced techniques to facilitate deeper healing for others; become a certified professional in the Soul Journeys Method upon completion of all requirements.

Prerequisite: Levels 1 & 2

The Bundle of 3

If you already know you are meant to do the deep dive on your healing path to embody your divine sovereignty and lead others as a professional certified consultant, you can choose this option and save $669 on your investment.

What's Included in Your Training

*Two full days of live online training for each level via Zoom

*Class recordings for reference (even if you cannot make it live, or have to miss a portion, 

  you will receive the same energies and activations)

*Comprehensive manual for each level as you continue to deepen your practice

*Bonus Q&A call 2 weeks after class completion

*Optional Facebook group you can join with others who are trained in this method, and a place

  to connect with more soul family and practice partners

*Certification of completion for each level

If you have any questions, feel free to email me!

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