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Healing The Original Mother Wound

move from the illusion of separation to the joy of being part of the collective consciousness - harnessing your personal superpower in order to create a world that is for all of us.

Why Now?

As healers and revolutionaries who want transformation on a worldwide scale, we know that the growth (and the change) must begin on an individual level. 


NOT from a place of ignoring current lived realities, but from a place of shifting perspective and reconnecting with our Divinity so that our creations are coming from a place of wholeness instead of hurt and re-creating the same patterns of cyclical harm. 

Many of you are incredible organizers and activists and are and HAVE ALWAYS BEEN fighting to make change in the political and social arena, despite the system being set up to resist and deny these changes. Why are folks so tired? Exactly this. There are no amount of bandages that can hold together the small changes made in a system that is functioning exactly as it was meant to. What does that mean? It means we need to create a new system.  


But what if we don't know where to begin?

This is where my newest course was birthed from - a desire so deep to create something better for ALL OF US.

It is my highest prayer that you fully harness your gifts and talents to assist in creating a world that is for all of us.

It is my highest prayer for you to experience a freedom and power within yourself; unshaken by external circumstance.

It is my highest prayer for you to love yourself so deeply, that you remain inspired to care for your temple in order to remain fully resourced for yourself, partner/s, family and community.

Statue with Flowers

Why Join?

What We're Up To:*

*Maintain your frequency without getting hooked into collective pain

*Reconnect with your original soul blueprint - outside of who you have been told you are and programmed to be

*Know where you can offer to be of highest service to humanity

*Move from despair around world events to a deeper understanding of your place in it and what part you want and are choosing to play


You will also be mailed an herbal medicine from my apothecary to support your bodies throughout our time together.

This 9-weeks together will be over the span of 3 months. We meet for 3 weeks in a row, then 1 week off for integrations. We will meet every Thursday from 6-8pm EST starting February 22nd - May 2nd 2024. 

Part 1. Current relationship with Earth and physical mother

Part 2. Grieve what wasn't and what was

Part 3. Sacred rage

Part 4. Fear of repetition - liberation from patterns/conditioning

Part 5. Connecting with the earth keepers

Part 6. Connecting with the maternal line

Part 7. Embracing divine feminine w/guest healer Sasha Schaafe of Alien Sauce

Part 8. Forgiveness of self

Part 9. Forgiveness of mother

*weekly content subject to change

I'm listening...

There is no us vs. them!

In Short, This course is a 3-month journey centered around our original separation from the Mother - a severing that was created and further enforced by colonization, war agendas, land seizures, industrialization - (the list goes on) - and how that affects every other relationship we have - from the macro (how we relate to the land and fellow humans) to the micro (our relationship with self and our own mothers/mother figures).

Here’s to our collective liberation friends.


Meet Your Guide
Melissa Lisette, Founder of BarefootSoul

Melissa is an Intuitive Spiritual Herbalist, Elemental Essence practitioner and an Akashic Record Reader and Teacher, utilizing all of these to assist in expanding consciousness and reconnecting people to the earth in order to RE-activate ancient wisdom.

She is passionate about sharing and guiding leaders and revolutionaries to understand the truth of their power.

aliensauce sashawebsite.jpg

Meet Your Guest Healer
Sasha Schaafe, Founder of Alien Sauce

Sasha Schaafe (she/her) is a spiritual herbalist, numerologist, diviner & craftswoman. Her background experience with "food as medicine" is informed by her family's Jamaican/Chinese roots & upbringing. Her deepened knowledge of herbalism came with completing a Spiritual Herbalism apprenticeship within the Sacred Vibes Apothecary community, under the tutelage of Karen Rose. 

Her spirituality largely stands on the strength of ancestral connection & veneration, as well as maintaining good character. Specializing in herbalism, nutrition, numerology, astrology, crystals & divination using many intuitive mediums - Sasha teaches workshops on all areas, as well as offers divination readings, herbal medicine consultations & bespoke herbal formularies.

Operating through love, equity & intuition — Sasha commits to being of service to community by honoring purpose & uplifting the highest good of all involved. She concerns herself with being in right relationship with the land and the energies within & around nature. In so doing, she deeply & effectively engages with clients considering the "whole" of a person. Mind, body & Spirit. She trusts that our planet heals itself & most effectively heals us when we nurture & nourish ourselves with respect to our relationships with nature & spirit. As above, so below, so within, so without.

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