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My name is Melissa Lisette, and I am an Intuitive Spiritual Herbalist, Flower and Gem Essence practitioner, Akashic Record Reader and best-selling author with 20 years of experience. I am a culmination of all of my ancestors, guides, teachers, life initiations, iterations and study.


My practice is informed by the respect and reverence of these teachers and the journey through my ancestral lineages. The expansion of emotional capacity to see beyond separation, individual empowerment rooted in TRUTH, releasing cycles of violence and trauma, and inviting us all to reignite our relationship between nature & self in order to create space and possibilities for the new world is the purpose behind my work. 


I'm here to shine a light on your shadows, so you can access a deeper level of healing.

I help leaders and healers to own the truth of their power using elemental medicine activated by the Akashic Records.

Click below to schedule a free 15 minute exploratory call to see how this can benefit you.


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Akashic Record Reading

Ready to take a deeper dive into your soul level truth? The Akashic Records are an etheric level library that stores all of your actions, from all times, and all lives. Get clear on your purpose while removing any old paradigm imprinting that keeps you feeling stuck and anxious.

Wholistic Health Session

 These consultations help address recurring physical issues at their root; that thing you've dealt with your whole life that doesn't seem to go away, even if it eases for a bit, no matter what you try. This process includes looking at everything from ancestral, karmic, and contract sources to food sensitivities and vitamin deficiencies. This is my hybrid gem essence session utilized in combination with the Akashic Records.


Melissa is a vessel and channel for the most high. As such, she taps into the Akashic Records with ease. This is a most insightful and powerful source for all things spiritual. When my flower essence was being lovingly created, there were aspects of my subconscious brought to light that I overlooked or had not explored yet! Having these areas illuminated was most divine and helpful. Partnering with the floral essence allowed for my healing of these areas tucked into the subconscious. Setting an intention to cleanse the emotions and mental thought patterns, along with the essence truly assisted me with healing and releasing low vibratory patterns no longer serving me. I am eternally grateful for Melissa and this divine healing modality!

Che F.M. The Blended Being



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